All On 4 Dental Implants

All On 4 Dental Implants Ridgewood

All On Four (All On 4) Dental Implants

The All On 4 dental implant technique is a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth with dental implants. The technique involves placing four dental implants in the upper jaw bone or lower jaw bone to provide support for a full mouth of porcelain teeth. Once the implants are placed, they are allowed to heal for four months. After the implants are fully healed, by a process called Osseo integration, a full set of porcelain teeth can be made. They are fabricated in the dental lab and brought to the mouth where the implant dentist screws the teeth to the implants with special titanium implant screws. By using titanium implant screws, the teeth can be removed if there is any need to provide service to the four dental implants in the future. There are no age restrictions for this technique. The only limiting factor may be severe osteoporosis, uncontrolled diabetes or certain metabolic disorders. Patients report that their all on four dental implant supported prosthesis feels just like natural teeth. Patients can eat their favorite foods again without worrying about looseness of removable dentures or embarrassing odors associated with false teeth. Full Dental Restoration at an affordable cost. Call us for a free evaluation to see what the all on four dental implant technique can do for you.

How do our fees compare to Clear Choice cost?

We are often asked how our prices for our full mouth dental implants compare to the price of clear choice implants. Although we have no idea what Clear Choice charges for their dental implants and all on 4 prosthesis, our patients tell our all on four fees are 30 to 50 percent lower. When you consider all the hidden fees, types of materials used such as porcelain vs plastic on titanium, prospective patients find our fees very reasonable and lower than most dental implant costs. We want prospective patients to know that we are not a "dental business franchise model", but actually a single location advanced dental implant center. Dr. Kurpis, our dental implant surgeon, is not only a pioneer in dental implants and was granted a patent by the US Government for dental implants, but he is practically one of the only dental implant dentists in the country who have been placing dental implants for over 43 years! The reputation of placing so many implants over so many decades leaves a trail on the internet, and we are confident when you do your research on Dentists, you'll feel comfortable with Dr. Kurpis. We suggest you go to Google, type in the name of practice and complaints, and name of practice and reviews for any dental implant dentists whose practice you are considering using. The results will speak for themselves. If you do your homework, we are confident you will understand why so many people have chosen Dr. Kurpis for all their dental implant needs.

All On Four Dental Implant Special - $14,999!

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