Patient Testimonials

Actual Patients

Dear Dr Kurpis and Staff,

This letter is to thank you and your staff for your professional and courteous way you extended to me when I went to your office.

I also want to thank you for changing my life around. Five years ago some one from your dental office came to my company for a health day seminar and asked me if I was happy with my smile. I said to him that I was not happy with my smile, I’m just used to it. He said to me, “what if I tell you I can make you happy with your smile” and handed me a flyer. I took the flyer and was very interested with what I read and saw. But was very skeptical about changing the way I looked all my life. I held on to this flyer for five years but not a day went by that I didn’t think about the flyer. One day I bump into an old friend, she always told me that I’m beautiful; if only I would fix my teeth I would look even better. “It would be one more thing to accomplish in your life,” she said. That made me think (one more thing to accomplish). The following day I look for the flyer, call your office and made an appointment. Not a day has gone by Dr. Kurpis that I regret what I’ve done. I look great, I feel beautiful. My only regret, Dr. Kurpis, is that I didn’t do this five years ago.

My advice to anyone, that is thinking about doing this. Don’t hesitate, go for it, look beautiful, and feel great about yourself, its just one more thing to accomplish.

Once again thank you so very, very much. You’re the best!


It was nearly 15 years ago that the condition of my mouth led my local dentist to conclude that I would now need a lower denture. The prospect of having to lose my remaining lower teeth was very depressing. Luckily a good friend had just seen a PBS program on which Dr. Kurpis spoke of the advantages of dental implants. She suggested I contact him and see what he could do. I did and he worked miracles – the implants made it possible to save my lower teeth so that a denture was not necessary. Several years later he was able to place implants in my upper gums providing a more comfortable and cosmetically improved appearance for my upper appearance. Dr. Kurpis showed me care and concern before, during, and after all the procedures. I feel that I was always receiving “Cutting edge” technology with a human touch.


Dear Dr. Kurpis,

Thank you Dr. Kurpis for the great implants you positioned in my mouth. I now can eat and chew with extreme comfort, to consume meats to fruit as if it were my own teeth. The implants are now 5 years old.

Thank you once again.


Dear Dr. Kurpis,

I am sorry I did not write to you sooner to tell you how much I enjoy my implants! It has changed the quality of my life tremendously! My smile is much nicer, because I dare to smile all the way since I can show these beautiful teeth. I receive compliments on them all the time and it was well worth the trouble I had to go through.

Thank you again for the wonderful job you did.


Dear Dr. Kurpis,

I am sorry that this letter is late in coming to you, but I was so busy SMILING again that I didn’t get a chance to send you my sincere thanks.

Finding you on the web is the best thing that has happened to me. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive, but your web site was very informative, and I decided to make an appointment.

After meeting with you, all my fears were dissolved. It was clear that you were an expert in your field. I couldn’t wait for my next appointment.

You corrected a tooth that others would not even attempt. It looks so natural and real. I still marvel at what an outstanding job you did. You are truly gifted.

My only regret was that I didn’t find you initially, I would have avoided a lot of heartache.

Again, thank you for giving me back my SMILE.

Very truly yours,


Intensive Reconstruction Accident Case

My name is G.K. and I have been a patient of Dr. Albert Kurpis for almost twenty years.

It all started when I was a passenger in a small car that crashed broadside into another car. I landed with my head in the windshield (seatbelts were not mandatory then). My injuries were substantial including a concussion, back injuries, fractured septum, many facial lacerations and severe swelling around the nose and mouth area. We found out later, that my jaw was broken, and was not wired together in the emergency room. Medical doctors do not pay attention to the mouth area!

After some of the swelling subsided, around two weeks after the accident, I noticed tingling and some dull pain in my mouth & gums. Upon further investigation by my dentist, we decided to invade each tooth that was in question. We found out that the blood flow to twenty-two (22) teeth was severed by the impact of the crash.

A lot of pain followed, and I had to have many surgeries to the twenty-two teeth that were damaged. I then referred to a Professor of Dentistry who taught at New York University. Because of the looseness of my teeth due to impact, he decided to open my jaw, to alleviate any pressure and allow my teeth and gums to heal. I endured this tricky process every week for two years.

When the process was completed, this well-known Professor of Dentistry referred me to Dr. Albert Kurpis, the Chief of Implantology at Columbia University. Although the Professor taught at another university, he felt Dr. Kurpis had the best qualifications to even remotely try to handle the massive dental reconstruction that was needed by me.

Dr. Albert Kurpis, was certainly up to the task. Not only was I surprised to find an intensely dedicated and understanding professional, but also I was surprised as to how young he was considering his renowned reputation.

Dr. Kurpis approached the dental reconstruction with care. Dr. Kurpis uses old-world time consuming technical methods (copper band technique) to produce the desired results in conjunction with state-of the art techniques. The end results are technically perfect and artistically breathtaking!

Unfortunately, over the years, there was a degeneration of bone loss in my injured teeth. At least there was an opinion other than false teeth! Dr. Kurpis holds the patent to a special implant design. He personally custom designed the largest patented implant just for me! In addition, eleven other single implants were inserted into my jaw, all at once.

It is now over fifteen years since my implants were inserted, I was thirty-five when that occurred. They are perfectly natural looking and impact you in a psychologically positive way as well.

I do not even know that the implants are there, as they are so natural. I only think about them when I perform my important daily hygiene routine. In addition, I have a full mouth professional hygiene cleaning by a specially trained implant hygienist at Dr. Kurpis’s office every two to three months.

I recommend implants to anyone, young or old, who would like to fill a gap and use an implant as an anchor to a bridge for other teeth, or as an alternative to false teeth.

I also recommend the most experienced implantologist in the United States, Dr. Albert Kurpis. As of late, there are many dentists that say they specialize in Implantology, but beware! Dr. Kurpis has been really concentrating his practice in the field of Implantology for almost thirty years.

His kind and caring demeanor, talent and skill, intensity of purpose and quest for perfection allows me to understand why he has gotten the professional acclaim he so well deserves!

Thank you, Dr. Kurpis