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Dr. Albert Kurpis

Dr. Albert J. Kurpis received his Dental degree from Columbia University, School of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1974. He was immediately invited back to teach future dentists the art and science of advanced restorative, prosthetic, and implant dentistry. Dr. Kurpis began his life long work in the field of dental Implantology over 45 years ago. His early research with baboon primates culminated in a dental implant design so unique that the US Government granted him a patent for this implant. Dr. Kurpis has taught dental implant techniques to thousands of dentists in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. He has served in many prestigious professional organizations and has been past President of the Northeast section of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Kurpis has been featured on many television programs and radio talk shows. He has published numerous articles in both professional and consumer journals and continues to help other dentists, consulting in the field of cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Kurpis continues to serve his patients as a clinician in Ridgewood, New Jersey, (201) 447-9700.

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Our Office is a one stop shop for implant dental services. This is in sharp contrast to many general dentists who refer their implant surgery patients to an entirely different dental office. It is comforting for the patient to know that I perform all surgical implant procedures myself and place all cosmetic dentistry procedures on top of the implants as well. By being both a surgeon and a restorative dentist, many of the problems associated with multiple doctor approach to dental care can be avoided. Patients find it very reassuring to know who exactly is responsible for all aspects of their dental treatment. Additionally, you will have the convenience of having all your work performed at one location, our state of the art dental facility, supported by a highly trained and caring staff.