Dental Insurance FAQ

You may be better off without it

Many patients are, understandably, concerned about the high cost of dental implants. They believe that, without dental insurance, their teeth cannot be restored with dental implants due to this high cost. But here is something they may not know:

- most dental insurance policies are very limited and usually only pay up to $2000 per year, maximum

- patients will be responsible for all the additional costs of the ‘All on 4®; or ‘all on 6’ dental implant bridge. If the patient is unable, or unwilling to pay the rest of these costs, he/she will not be able to get implants regardless of having dental insurance, because the insurance will not be nearly enough to cover the costs.

When patients go to dentists who agree to accept their insurance (almost always a maximum of $2000), it is important to understand that the dentist has made a certain agreement with that particular insurance company. The dentist has agreed to charge a certain fee that is pre-negotiated and is not negotiable to you. Built into this fee are all kinds of costs, such as franchise fees,corporate fees, television advertising fees (Clear Choice is an example of a large national dental corporation with a large advertising budget) and marketing fees. Remember, when you go to a dentist associated with a franchise and who accepts your insurance, you will pay high fees because of non-negotiable costs the dentist is passing on to you.

At the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, we do not participate with franchises or national dental corporations such as Clear Choice. We do not have franchise fees, corporation fees, and marketing fees that we must pass on to you. We are not told what we must charge. We can therefore charge a substantially lower fee for the ‘Alternative To all on 4® dental implant permanent bridge and the ‘all on 6’ dental implant permanent bridge.

Dr. Kurpis, the implant dentist at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, does not negotiate his surgical fee for placement of dental implants with any dental insurance company, franchise, or dental corporation. Therefore, he does not have to pass on any additional costs associated with corporate fees, franchise fees, and marketing fees to the patient. At the Kurpis Center, the fee for placing a dental implant is $1400. This is a very fair fee, thereby making dental implants much more affordable.
Let’s see how the significantly lower fees for dental implants and dental implant reconstruction at the Kurpis Center can save consumers a significant amount of money. So much so, they are much better off NOT going to a dentist who takes their insurance and/or who participates in a dental implant franchise or corporation.

In our zip code, implant placement fees have been established by insurance carriers (Principal, United Healthcare, Maverist Preferred, Maveris Plus, CIGNA, PPO, Aetna, DentiMax, Guardian, and Delta, for example) to average over $2000 per dental implant! That would cost a patient $12,000 for an ‘all on six’ and $8,000 for an ‘Alternative To all on four®, and that is just for the placement of the implants!

Dr. Kurpis charges $600 less per implant.

Now, the patient must consider the costs associated with the permanent teeth or permanent fixed hybrid bridge and the type of materials used to construct the permanent implant bridge. At the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, we use only porcelain material to fabricate our teeth. We never use acrylic or plastic teeth processed onto a metal bar. Acrylic/plastic teeth have a high wear factor and must be repaired and replaced often. For this reason we believe that porcelain teeth, being much stronger, are a better investment for the longevity of your dental implants.

Again, because we are not constrained by pre-negotiated fees, franchise costs, etc. we are able to offer significantly reduced restorative fees, as well. The cost of our complete dental fixed bridge which is screwed onto the implants is only $12,000. Patients tell us that they are routinely quoted fees for a porcelain fixed hybrid bridge on an ‘Alternative To all on 4® or an ‘all on 6’ permanent dental implant bridge anywhere from $15-25,000!

So if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t be upset. If you come to the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, you will pay a lot less for your implant reconstruction! In fact, you will pay on average, $10,000 less than if you went to an office that took one of the above mentioned dental insurance benefits. Of course there may be some additional costs associated with dental implant reconstruction, such as CT scans, tooth extraction, infection eradication, etc., but these fees will always be very fair.

Another benefit of having your implant reconstruction done at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry is that everything, from the dental implant surgery to the prosthodontic reconstruction is conveniently done under one roof, at one location. This eliminates complications with scheduling and possible additional costs.

Most importantly, patients should remember that Dr. Kurpis has been placing dental implants for over 43 years, and was an early pioneer in the field of dental implantology. When it comes to complex implant surgery, there is no substitute for experience. He is also known to have one of the most reasonable and fair fee structures for dental implant reconstruction in the country.

To find out more about dental implant teeth replacement and to see if you are a candidate for this procedure, call us today at 201-447-9700 for a complementary dental implant consultation. And learn more and see examples of the amazing results that Dr. Kurpis achieves by visiting We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can be changing your life!